Service concept - three heart two meaning

                  Three hearts: sincere, to be sincere and trustworthy, customer don't cheat customers;

                  Concentration - the heart to do good work, and solve customer problems;

                  - doing everything they can to attentively, thought that the customer thought, the anxious customer urgently;

                  Two opinions: for the sake of customer satisfaction, customer service is sinomark continuous development and the foundation of success, as a modern enterprise, we should not only set up everything for the customer's business philosophy, more emphasize internal mutual customer service concept. According to the need of external customers and internal coordination department, with a good attitude, correctly understand and grasp attentively, high quality, complete the work efficiently and hard to solve. Create external customer satisfaction, create sinomark internal collaboration department of satisfaction, to create the collaboration between government departments personnel satisfaction.

                  To employee satisfaction -- not satisfied employees, there is no satisfied customers. Customer satisfaction from all the staff service attentively, sinomark in efforts to the pursuit of customer satisfaction at the same time, also pay attention to the internal employee satisfaction, through the establishment of effective incentive mechanism, competition mechanism, to provide more space for development and growth opportunities, make the staff own value can be truly reflected and identity.